COLLECT - Community-Led Local Entitlements & Claims Tracker

The novel Coronavirus-linked lockdown has affected different communities differently. Social groups that are from economically weaker sections and are marginalised due to caste, tribe, migrant status and dependence on informal and daily-wage livelihood are often not able to access entitlements. Anecdotal evidence suggests this is further exacerbated by an individual’s gender, age and disability. In parallel, community-based organisations that are key support mechanisms for such disadvantaged communities are themselves struggling to survive due to funding cuts. In this background, the COLLECT (Community-Led Local Entitlements & Claims Tracker) initiative aims to create a flow of information between those who are at the margins, and authorities, as well as wider society.

COLLECT: Community-Monitored Accountability System 

For details on State-wise schemes relevant for Covid-19 , along with information about the how to apply for these schemes and the documents required, please visit Haqdarshak on



Partners in Change in collaboration with Dialectics, Praxis Institute for Participatory PracticesGethu group (workers think tank) and National Alliance Group for Nomadic and Denotified Tribes (NAG-DNT) has been leading a collaborative group, since the first lockdown (March 25, 2020), to understand the impact of this pandemic on those at the margins.



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