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Who we are

Our Objectives:

Partners in Change in collaboration with DialecticsPraxis Institute for Participatory PracticesGethu group (workers think tank) and National Alliance Group for Nomadic and Denotified Tribes (NAG-DNT) has been leading a collaborative group, since the first lockdown (March 25, 2020), to understand the impact of this pandemic on those at the margins.

Since April 2020 the Government has initiated a series of policy announcements in terms of schemes and programmes related to food, livelihood and cash transfers, including special programmes for farmers and workers. There was clearly a need to revive the community-based systems that provide awareness to communities on the schemes and help them register and access; and strengthen the ground level accountability system which could make the local administration accountable for non-actions and malfunctions. It was against this backdrop that the COLLECT (Community-Led Local Entitlements & Claims Tracker) initiative was launched.

As we began to strengthen community leadership through digital processes, we started facilitating the fulfilling of their need for local evidence by creating a flow of information between those who are at the margins, and authorities, as well as wider society. In alignment with the call of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals to Leave No One Behind, the COLLECT initiative developed itself into a both research and advocacy platform:



Collection of data with the aim of democratising it to strengthen community access to entitlements. The challenge of the lack of traceable and credible data on who are availing benefits of various entitlements is overcome and the embedded structures of inequality, including implicit or explicit biases that tend to limit opportunities for the participation of certain groups, are mapped

Collective action by and collectivisation of a network of community-level collaborators – Dalit, Adivasi, denotified tribes, religious and sexual minorities, sex workers and women. Community-Led Organisations, fellows, individuals who form an integral part of the whole process provide newer avenues for sustainability in the new normal.

(a) Sustaining community leaders among most vulnerable communities

(b) Sustaining their advocacy engagement with local administration

(c) Mainstreaming voices of communities at margins

(d) Facilitating a nation-wide platform for facilitating relief and rehabilitation of communities

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